NCA Now August 2010: President’s Message

(originally published August 2010)

Dear Fellow PBA | NCA Members,

While many of you may have already unpacked and recovered from the excitement of PBA Beauty Week, this summer’s hottest beauty networking event, I’m sure there are many of you out there who haven’t even touched that tote bag filled with all those new business cards you collected during the event. And to you I say unpack already! That contact info is a potential gold mine you’re just letting gather dust in some corner.

In our industry, connecting with other members and being involved in the latest industry trends is vital. Partnerships are made, ideas are shared and a community is built. Considering how easy it is to get online nowadays, there’s almost no excuse not to be part of all the conversations that are taking place.
One of the easiest ways to become involved is to join the PBA | NCA Facebook group page. Not only can you go there for advice and support from an extensive community of beauty professionals, including your NCA section peers, you’ll have access to ongoing discussions, tips and tricks, and the latest industry news.

Another great networking opportunity is NCA’s quarterly teleconferences, the most recent of which was June 28. These free networking sessions are perfect to connect with your association peers, get advice from icons within the beauty community as well as the business community, and learn about industry best practices and new ways to market yourself and your business.

The next free PBA | NCA teleconference will happen September 27. Check out the industry calendar on for more information. Remember, in our industry, building relationships is a must. So go dust off
that tote bag and start e-mailing all those new connections. You never know what important connections you’re going to make this summer!

Mark Goodman
NCA Council President