Beauty Blog Buzz: Hot Trends for Fall 2010

(originally published 7/27/2010)

Beauty bloggers across the Internet have been predicting for months what hot new trends will be hitting salons and runways this fall. Here are just a few of the upcoming trends that have been burning up their blogs.

What’s Hot In…


Knots and buns are some of the most popular hairstyles for fall 2010. From gravity-defying severe top knots to loose and casual buns, these hairstyles have hundreds of different variations and can go from everyday casual to a glamorous night out.

•For a messy top knot, volume is key. Back comb and apply hair spray generously to create texture. fasten it into a high ponytail. Then, sweep it around and fasten with bobby pins. Hair should appear loose and resemble a birds nest.

•To achieve a sleek and sexy top knot, neatly brush hair up, slicking it with gel. Twist the hair into a tight knot and secure with bobby pins.

•For a look that’s a bit more refined than a messy top knot but not quite as severe as the sleek knot, try a textured look. Instead of volumizing all the hair, gather many small hair sections at the top of the head to create an appearance of a textured top knot.

An update on the classic bed head look: Long hair with matte waves is a slightly more refined option this fall. The key to achieving the non-glossy look? Liberal use of hair powder at the roots and ends.

  1. Prep hair with a styling spray, spray on roots and comb through hair.
  2. Part hair down the center.
  3. Blow dry hair, scrunching hair as you go. For curly hair, dry straight with a paddle brush.
  4. When hair is about 90 percent dry, separate hair to create two pigtails. Secure pigtails with pony tail holders.
  5. Take one side and twist hair in one direction; hair will naturally twist itself into a bun. Secure at ear level with bobby pins. Repeat on other side.
  6. Blast buns and whole head with dryer until hair seems dry.
  7. Leave hair in buns for 10-20 minutes to set. Take hair out of buns and finger-comb waves. Apply hair powder to roots and ends and run your hands through to evenly distribute.
  8. Spritz hairspray to hold waves in place.

On the color front: Copper hair is the biggest color trend for Fall. Everyone will love the boost of warmth and color copper brings. For those who are hesitant to make the full switch, keep hair colors warm with dark chocolate tones for brunettes, deep mahogany shades for redheads and golden highlights for blondes to achieve gorgeous modern copper-red shades.


OPI’s new Swiss collection has been getting some major attention lately. The new color line features deep shades of rich color as this season’s new basics. From dark green to glowing red, to metallic shades of pewter and gold to jewel-toned blues, it’s a great collection to complement any fall wardrobe.


Dramatic, winged eyeliner is big this season, with generous swoops going well past the eyes, but the twist this fall is that many palettes are embracing colors along with the standard black: brilliant blues, royal purples and even berry reds. A clean, matte face with natural lips is the best compliment to this striking look.

Bright eye shadows are the latest thing to hit the runways. With many fall 2010 makeup collections featuring vivid purples, turquoises, yellows, greens, pinks and teals, they’re sure to be a huge hit with anyone looking for a creative new look. Use several colors together for a fun twist. Pair them with a deep pink or coral lip to complete the look.

Give lips a punch of fall color with hot colors like plum and ruby. These deep purples and bold reds make quite the statement. Make sure lips are exfoliated and moisturized to prevent the color from flaking or looking dried out. Combine with soft gold eye shadows and a natural face. For something a bit more glamorous and black tie, pair with smoldering eyes.