Phoenix Picks

Romancin’ the Bean

Phoenix Picks

(originally published 01/04/2008)

Because our first date with hubby-to-be was at Steve’s Espresso, it holds a warm place in our crusty little heart.  A far cry from your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced coffee cattle call, Steve’s is über-chill without any of that highfalutin’ snobbery.  With their sky-blue ceiling, kitschy Western wall art and comfy chairs, you can sit and relax for as long as you want, without ever feeling rushed or unwelcome (not to mention the masseuse they had in the corner, who was offering massages for a mere 10 bucks!).

Their drink service is something to behold: an old-school French press makes rich, smooth coffee, without any burned, acidic undertones.  The flavorings they add enhance and complement the coffee’s flavor so it’s never cloying or overly sweet.

For those who prefer tea, rejoice: they have an extensive collection of loose-leaf teas that you can order iced or in a bottomless, cast-iron teapot.  Steve’s also offers up frozen drinks and baked goods, including dense but flaky scones and decadent muffins.  And did we mention that Steve’s has free Wi-Fi?  So it’s the perfect nook for curling up with a warm laptop or a good book.

Steve’s Espresso
1801 E. Baseline Road, Ste. 102
Tempe, AZ 85283

Like We Give a Knit

(originally published 06/05/2009)

When we were but wee Phoenix Pickers, our dear Grandmère tried to teach us to knit. We sat there, our tiny hands sweating as we struggled to grasp the giant needles and damp yarn. The whole experience came to a head when we stabbed our beloved teddy bear in the face, threw the tangled mess across the room and burst into tears. Grandmère stuck to less difficult pastimes from then on, like coloring.

Recently we were trying to figure out a way to soothe our jangled nerves. Drinking seemed too common, we don’t “do” running and we’ve long since lost our crayons, but we decided to give knitting another go. We quickly fell into the lullabye motion and mindless counting. Since then, we’ve been on a knitting bender and are always looking for our next fix.

Enter Knit Happens in Scottsdale. Full of drool-worthy, gorgeous yarns, amazing patterns and weekend knitting classes, we’re in craft heaven. It does our soul good to be surrounded by skeins of vibrant colors and textures, and so far we’ve managed to avoid stabbing anything with our needles.

Knit Happens
7777 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Brazilian Wax-iness

(originally published 05/01/2009)

While we were one of the (rare) good brides who didn’t subscribe to the “It’s My Day and I’m the Princess” philosophy, we do admit that we indulged in a wee bit of pampering—we got waxed. No, not our eyebrows. Or our legs. That’s right, we got our lady bits did. All the way. And while there is nothing enjoyable about having the-hairs-down-there ripped out of your body, we have to admit that we have never felt more sexy (and the new hubby certainly enjoyed it).

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and boy did it ever. Instead of smooth and lovely, we’re pokey and scratchy. Needless to say, we turned to our new beauty savior, the Suddenly Slimmer Spa in Phoenix.

With every spa offering a girl could imagine, Suddenly Slimmer Spa is clean, gorgeous and the staff is amazingly nice. Not only did they help prune our garden, but they did it expertly and (almost) painlessly. Now if only we could convince the hubby that he should indulge in some of the manscaping services they offer!

Suddenly Slimmer MedSpa
3317 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018