Author: Rebecca McCracken

Overlook Village Business Association



Portland, Ore. (January 7, 2014)­­­­—For the past five years, the Overlook Village Street Fair has been a great way to bring neighbors and local businesses together each summer. We’ve enjoyed every year; getting to know the hundreds of people who’ve attended and making a deeper connection with our community.

The Overlook Village Business Association is extremely grateful for all the support it has received. The positive response the fair generates has not only meant the opportunity to meet even more people in the community, but also an increase in expenses.
The OVBA has started planning its sixth street fair and needs your support. We hope you’ll show your love for your local businesses by attending the OVBA’s first-ever silent auction fundraiser. You contribution will make it possible to cover our costs and help make our event better than ever.

There will be many exciting items up for auction donated from local businesses, breweries, and restaurants (a complete list of available items will be posted on our website in early February). In addition to the auction, there will be live music from three local bands: Abigail, Dusty Grimm, and Joy Pearson. We will also have food and drinks (included in the ticket price).

The Details

When: February 19, 2014, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Hatfield Warehouse, 2130 North Killingsworth (between the Naked Sheep and Podkrepa)
How Much: Tickets are $15 and will be sold in advance at several businesses along North Killingsworth (look for the “tickets sold here” poster), as well as at the door

The support shown to the OVBA over the years has meant so much to us, and we want to give back by continuing to host this annual event that allows the community’s roots to grow even stronger.

Want to donate an item for auction? Please contact Rebecca McCracken at


Founded in 2009, the Overlook Village Business Association’s mission is to support and grow local business while serving our neighbors and community in Overlook Village. Overlook Village is the area of North Killingsworth Street between I-5 and North Greeley in Portland, Oregon. We are working to improve and market Overlook Village as a great place for people from all around to come enjoy locally owned and operated businesses. For more information, visit


Stylist and Salon Newspaper: Clean Up Your Act

As the old adage goes, “You have one chance to make a good first impression.” And when a potential client walks into your salon for the first time, their first impression is the lynchpin on whether or not they become a loyal customer. Would you rather them see a floor strewn with hair, sloppy stylists and messy work stations, or a salon that sparkles with professional-looking stylists? Not only is a dirty salon a hazard to acquiring new clients, it’s a hazard to the retention of your current clients.

Put Your Salon’s Best Face Forward
Your salon’s appearance is the very first thing a client sees. If you have faded or peeling paint, give everything a fresh coat; a color theme running throughout the salon is very appealing and eye pleasing. Keep your fixtures updated and working; if something is broken, have it fixed it immediately. Make sure the salon is well-lit and bright. Consider featuring local artists each month to keep your salon’s art fresh and unique. (more…)

Stylist and Salon Newspaper: Take Charge of Your Retail Reality

(originally published August 2010)

Did you know that salon hair-care products make up a substantial one-third of the hair-care market,  comprising $2.8 billion in sales in 2006? According to the 2008 report “Business of Beauty: Maximize Your Profitability,” commissioned by the Professional Beauty Association, an additional $300 million in growth in salon-based products is projected by 2012.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to this potential growth is the continued rise of mass retailers that lure clients by providing easy access and often-false promises of lower prices. Often, the clients do not understand that buying professional products directly from the salon is the only way to ensure product quality and access to the expert advice of the salon professional.

Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) report refers to retail as an important profit driver for salons, as it can contribute most directly to overall profitability. Without the marketing and advertising budgets afforded to mass retailers, stylists in many salons must take on the role of several job positions: marketer, salesperson, educator and product expert. When salons educate and empower their stylists to fully embrace each of these roles, it not only helps ensure the success of the salon and stylist, it derails longtime industry myths about selling. These myths are what keep salon retailing from being the profit driver it can and should be. Here are several things to keep in mind when encouraging your team to beef up sales efforts and educate customers on the value of purchasing products directly from your salon, not the drug store down the street. (more…)